A cultural institution under The Nordic Council of Ministers

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We are the cultural bridge between Greenland and the Nordic countries, thus making possible an exchange of the individual countries’ cultural riches. NAPA is short for “Nunani Avannarlerni Piorsarsimassutsikkut Attaveqaat” which means “the cultural link between the nordic countries”.

We help to support, develop and stimulate the Greenlandic and Nordic cultural life, and we have a particular emphasis on children and young people.

NAPA’s focal areas are :

  • Young people in the Nordic region
    We support and initiate art and cultural projects that encourages children and youngsters to create, participate in or speak their mind about the cultural life.
  • The inter-cultural Nordic region
    We support and initiate cultural projects that encourages people in the Nordic countries to cooperate and network for a greater coherence in the Nordic region.
  • The sustainable Nordic region
    We support and initiate projects that stimulate an open and available cultural life in which all citizens feel free to express themselves – projects that safeguard the cultural resources in Greenland and the Nordic Region.

We are in close cooperation with other Nordic cultural funds, such as Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Fund and Nordplus; our sister institutions The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, The Nordic Institute on Åland, The Nordic House, and also relate to the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen and Nordatlantisk Hus in Odense.

We also cooperate with the Baltic countries and our neighbours to the west, Canada and Alaska.

NAPA grants funds to individuals, organisations and institutions that are in need of economic support for completion of projects that fall under above-mentioned focal areas. You will find the application form under ‘Funds’.

Our office is in the Greenland Cultural Centre, Katuaq, in Nuuk, and we are open Monday till Friday, 9 am till 4 pm. Come by for advice on applying for Nordic funds and/or information about Greenlandic cultural life, and we will enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Find us on Facebook : Nordens Institut i Grønland

Photo: Mads Phil/VisitGreenland