Cultural Funds in the Nordic Region

The funds below have one or more programmes that support cultural projects with a special emphasis on Greenlandic issues or that involves Greenlandic cultural players. 

Fund What projects do they support
Augustinus Fonden The main goal of the foundation is to support projects with charitable and humane, artistic, scientific and suchlike purposes. Applications are processed continuously.
Cultural Contact Point Danmark The foundation was established by the Danish Ministry of Culture. Its main goal is to inform about the EU Culture Programme and to guide Danish and Greenlandic applicants..
Selvstyrets tilskud til kunst og kultur The Government of Greenland has 3 funding schemes that support art and culture projects. The grants are administered by the Department of Education.
Kommuneqarfik Sermersooqs Børne- og Kulturforvaltningen Sermersooq Municipality’s funding scheme for Children and Culture supports association projects dealing with culture, leisure and public enlightenment. The projects are to target or involve children and youngsters.
Sermeq Fund The Sermeq Fund is a cultural fund that targets experimental cultural activities and projects that promote cooperation between various cultural players, the private sector and local citizens. Application deadlines are March 1st and October 1st.
Ivalu & Minik Fonden The purpose of Ivalo & Minik Fonden is to award grants to Greenlanders who wish to pursue international further education or an international postgraduate course, including internships in companies or organisations.
Den Grønlandske Fond The fund supports projects that promote the cultural ties between Greenland and the rest of the Danish realm. The fund issues grants once a year and has a fixed application deadline on February 1st.
Nordisk Film og TV Fond The main goal of the fund is to promote movies and TV productions from the Nordic countries by providing financial support to production of documentaries, movies and TV series. Applications are processed continuously.
NunaFonden The main goal of NunaFonden is to support charitable projects in Greenland. Applications are processed continuously and have a turnaround time of 1-2 months.
Selvstyrets Tips- og Lottomidler This is the Greenlandic Lottory Fund which supports charitable projects, including cultural projects. The fund only accepts applications from applicants residing in Greenland. 
Lauritzen Fonden The foundation supports enterprise, social and humanitarian projects dealing with culture, shipping and education, and projects encouraging self-help, involving volunteers and unpaid contributors. One of their focal areas is socially vulnerable children and youngsters. The foundation annually issues 4 grants – check out the foundation’s  deadlines.
15. Juni Fonden The foundation supports art and culture, humanitarian and social projects, research and education focusing on Danish fauna and flora and sustainable hunting. Applications usually have a turnaround time of 2 months – check out the foundation’s deadlines.
Bikuben Foundation The main purpose of The Bikuben Foundation is to support and develop high-quality projects within Danish and Greenlandic culture and to support social work for the benefit of public good.