AWG 2016

9. March 2016

Since 2006 NAPA has contributed to the grand cultural gala evening at the end of the Arctic Winter Games which are held every 2 years in one of nine arctic regions. In 2016 the Arctic Winter Games will be held in Nuuk.

2016 Kingorna ( Since Then ) performed in Nuuk
Kingorna is a musical created by Kristian Mølgaard in cooperation with Norwegian dancer Madelaine Graadahl and Greenlandic dancer Alexander Montgomery-Andersen. It is a story about the four seasons after the transformation of Maliina and her brother Aningaaq to the sun and moon, respectively. Six talented, young actors and dancers from different parts of Greenland perform the touching tale. Scenography and costumes are managed by the Greenlandic artist Lisbeth Poulsen; lights by Naleraq Eugenius and sound by Qilannguaq Berthelsen.

Photo : Angu Motzfeldt


2014 ‘Flying Drops’ performed in Fairbanks, Alaska
Flying Drops is a musical created by Pipaluk Kreutzmann-Jørgensen in cooperation with singers Aviaja Lumholdt, Karina Møller and Kimmernaq Kjeldsen. Six young singers and dancers tell a story of young inuit who travel the world to learn more about the colours of the Arctic. The first video is a short documentary about the girls’ journey to Fairbanks; the second shows the performance in Fairbanks. Both videos are produced by Swedish film producer Martin Klevegård.


2012 ‘My home is the home of Peace’ performed in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
Physical dance theater created by Ruth Montgomery-Andersen. Serving as a bridge between Greenland and Yukon, the performance engaged 10 young performers – 6 Greenlanders and 4 Yukoners – in a combination of movement, poetry and monologues.



2010 ‘A travelling song’ performed in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada
‘A travelling song’ is a beautiful mix of music, dancing and storytelling, performed by five young Inuit who celebrate the strength, conflicts and beauty of a strong culture and its people. A cooperation between the South African instructor Gcina Mhlophe, the Norwegian scenographer Zoe Christensen and NAPA created a show that mixes sounds and techniques from South Africa with Greenlandic choir and storytelling.

2008 ‘Sila’ performed in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada
Sila is a dance performance performed by young dancers from different parts of Greenland. Choreography is managed by Sørine Pedersen from Aasiaat, costumes by Lena Olsen and the Inuit Mask Dance by instructor Else Danielsen.

2006 ‘Raven’s Call’ performed on Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Raven’s Call is a dance performance performed by six young Greenlandic artists. The arctic raven is a magnificent bird which has birthed many stories, told time and again by Inuit in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. The raven connects the Arctic and is a symbol of our ancestors’ capability to live and thrive in the this part of the world. Raven’s Call is instructed by Ruth Montgomery-Andersen.