International film conference in Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland 
Filmmakers from Greenland and U.S., Norway, Sweden and Denmark come together on September 23rd-24th 2016 to discuss the developing film industry in Greenland. 

The conference is called ‘Location Greenland 2.0’. Its aim is to strengthen the cooperation between Greenlandic and international filmmakers, thus allowing the participants to network, exchange knowledge and experience. It is a way to facilitate Greenlandic film producers’ opportunities to participate in foreign film productions and in developing their skills in film production.

“Greenland provides a unique and magical backdrop”
American producer David Casey has already done shootings around the Kangerlussuaq area several times : “Greenland has the potential to become the new hotspot as a film location, and the Kangerlussuaq area has great potential because of its rough natural surroundings which provide a spectacular setting. TV and film production is an enormous task in Greenland, and one needs an entire island of wonderful people to accomplish such a task. FILM.GL’s projects will soon reveal Greenland as a unique and magical backdrop for some of the most important stories in the world, and it is an honor to be part of this important, joint effort.”

This year’s seminar – once again managed by FILM.GL, the association for filmmakers in Greenland – focuses on putting Greenland ‘on the map’ as a film production location. Today, film producers go to Iceland og Northern Norway for Arctic locations; however Greenland offers a greatly varied landscape and Kangerlusssuaq has an extensive network of roads that make it relatively easy for film crews to get around.

Greenlandic filmmakers have been inspired by Iceland as the country has developed to become a significant film location for international producers – a development which both boosted the Icelandic economy and film industry. Many Icelandic producers and actors feel the advancement of the industry, now working with international productions.

During the conference, the filmmakers are to participate in a number of workshops in which they will discuss how to boost the engagement of Greenlandic participation in foreign productions. Furthermore, excursions around the Kangerlussuaq area will show the participants the potential for unique film locations in Greenland.

The conference has been realized through grants from the Government of Greenland, NAPA – The Nordic Institute in Greenland, Nuna Fonden, Visit Greenland, Air Greenland and World of Greenland – Arctic Circle.

For more information, please contact Ulrik Bang, 59 12 82.